For your convenience, we have no long-term contracts and multiple programs that you can choose from. 


4 30-minute lessons per month


4 45-minute lessons per month


4 1-hour lessons per month


To enroll, you must provide a debit or credit card at the time of enrollment.

Additional Registration and Billing Policies

  • Lessons are once a week (up to 4 lessons per month) with the same instructor.
  • New families incur a one-time registration fee of $25.
  • Tuition is automatically billed to a debit/credit card on the first of every month.
  • We do not issue cash refunds for lessons.

Cancellation and Make Up Policies

  • Our studio allows one excused cancellation per month.
  • In order to receive a make up class, at least 24-hour advance notice needs to be given.
  • Make up lessons are scheduled directly with instructors.
  • We do not provide a make up lesson for a NO-SHOW (a cancellation on the same day of the lesson/without notice [exception: same-day cancellations due to illness or accident will be owed a make up class]).
  • If the student NO-SHOWs to a make up lesson, the lesson is no longer eligible to be rescheduled. 
  • Time will not be made up for students who arrive late to their lesson.
  • If you reach 4 excused absences, you may submit request a 1-month billing adjustment to the billing department through the school registrar.

Withdrawal Policy

  • Our studio requires a 30-day in-advance written notice to discontinue lessons. 
    • 5th weeks are charged to the account during student withdrawal periods.
  • Upon withdrawal, if you are not able to complete lessons, they can be placed on hold for up to one year, can be transferred to a family member or friend, or may be given as a gift in the form of a gift card.


  • Our instructors are not permitted to teach our students outside of the studio during their contract periods and within one year of ending teaching with our studio.